FY 2011 Grants Increase Funding for Home Visiting

The Health Resources and Services Administration in collaboration with the Administration for Children and Families, announces the availability of $125 million to be awarded to states and eligible jurisdictions as formula-based grants under the Maternal, Infant, and Early Childhood Home Visiting Program.  The FY 2011 formula-based grants reflect an increase over FY 2010 funding levels of at least 20%, with no state or jurisdiction receiving less than $1 million. A table of estimated individual state allocations is provided in the supporting guidance under Appendix G, page 65. The FY 2011 formula grants are intended to allow states to build upon the work they have begun with FY 2010 funds to establish high-quality, evidence-based home visiting programs as part of statewide early childhood health and development systems.

 Applications for FY 2011 formula grants are due by July 21, and grants will be awarded prior to September 30. All applications for FY 2011 formula grants, along with all associated support materials, should be submitted directly through grants.gov.

 In addition to the $125 million for these formula grants, the availability of $99 million for competitive grants to states and eligible jurisdictions was announced on June 1 through a companion competitive Funding Opportunity Announcement , HRSA-11-179.

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