Senate Agrees to Cancel Recess

This week President Barack Obama held a press conference during which he called on Congress to forgo the week-long Independence Day recess in order to focus on budget negotiations and to raise the debt ceiling. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid agreed and canceled the recess. As the negotiations continue the discussion will likely center on revenue, and whether and to what extent new taxes will be in the package. During the press conference the President made several comments on this topic. At the same time, increased spending cuts are also central to the talks. Little is know at this time regarding any details of the proposed cuts. There have been reports of an agreement thus far on $1 trillion in cuts over 10 years but it is not known what would be included and it is expected that there will be a strong push to increase the amount of cuts.

These Cuts Won't Heal logoFor more details on the impact of budget discussions on children and families, review the materials on CWLA’s “These Cuts Won’t Heal” webpage. CWLA members, don’t forget to register for the series of webcasts on budget issues, held Mondays at 3 p.m. Eastern most weeks.

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