Final Budget Talks Underway, Contact the White House Today!

Negotiations on the budget and debt ceiling have intensified, and major decisions impacting America’s children, youth, and families may be made in the next few days. Please take a moment to follow these two simple steps:

1) Send a message to the White House (see below)
2) Urge your colleagues and friends to do the same!

Even if you have already called, we urge you to call again. We are closer to a deal now then we have ever been, and it is important that the President hears from you!


Toll free: 1-888-245-0215
Comment line:

The Message: Any deficit reduction plan must protect programs for vulnerable children and families — particularly Medicaid — and must also include new revenues as a fair way to address our budget deficit. In addition, the plan should not harm vulnerable children.

If you get a busy signal, please try again.


Urge your colleagues and friends to contact the White House, and to do it TODAY! Use the message below, and ask them to forward this to their networks as well.

The Message: Make contact TODAY! Tell Washington that the choices they make now will have very real impacts on children, youth, and families for years to come.

What do you think?

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