National Movement for America’s Children Is Launched

Yesterday more than a dozen child advocacy organizations, including CWLA, kicked off the National Movement for America’s Children to ensure that every child in America is given an opportunity for healthy growth and development. The Movement is founded on the basic principle that all children deserve nurturing environments that support healthy brain development so they are prepared to learn in school, grow into productive, contributing adults, and help their community — and our country — be prosperous and competitive in the global economy.

At the center of the Movement’s activities is the formulation of a crowd-sourced national strategy that brings every American citizen, business, faith institution, and government entity into the development process. From now until November 6, Movement supporters will be hosting town hall events and listening sessions across all 50 states while simultaneously hosting an ongoing virtual debate and discussion at Anyone can go to the site to sign a pledge supporting the Movement and contribute to the crowd-sourced development of a national strategy. Visitors to the Movement site can also get involved at the community and state levels, serving as grassroots organizers online and locally.

Visit to sign the pledge, get more information on the Movement, and to find out how you can get involved in your community.

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