Congress Close to Approving Final Appropriations for FY2012

Today the House of Representatives approved final appropriations for FY 2012 and the Senate is expected to approve the package tomorrow. At that point the bill will be sent to President Obama who is expected to sign it into law. This will bring to a close the acrimonious and lengthy budget battle over 2012 spending which has threatened to close the government and exacerbated partisan divisions on Capitol Hill.

The legislation includes funding for child welfare programs within the Department of Health and Human Services. These programs are level funded for the most part. Exceptions include Promoting Safe and Stable Families of Title IV-B which was cut from $365 million to $345 million. Among other important social service funds the Race to the Top and Early Learning Challenge funds were cut substantially from $699 million to $ 550 million and as reported earlier juvenile justice funds were severely reduced. Head Start received an increase from $7.56 billion to almost $8 billion. On Monday CWLA will provide a listing of all the primary child welfare and related funding levels.

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