Child Welfare Level Funded: Budget Chart Details Final Spending Levels

The federal FY 2012 budget has been offically approved and signed into law by the President. CWLA is pleased generally that child welfare programs were level funded as compared to last year. Today, CWLA released it’s final budget chart for FY 2012 detailing these funding levles.  This chart includes 56 seperate federal funding streams that taken together make up the federal resources avialable for all child welfare and related federal programs. In addition to the final spending level for FY 2012  the chart includes for comparison the final amount for FY 2011, and the spending levels proposed by President Obama and the primary congressional appropriations legislation. Aside from the chart there is more federal budget information available at the CWLA These Cuts Won’t Heal website.

In this era of fiscal restraint and increased pressure to reduce spending especially on human services such as foster care, adoption and abuse and neglect prevention, it is gratifying to see child welfare programs were spared from cuts for the most part. CWLA began the year by launching our These Cuts Won’t Heal campaign to raise awareness and to advocate for adequate federal funds to continued to be invested in these vital programs. We are pleased Congress and the Administration heard this message.

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