Child Welfare Advocacy in the Election Year

CWLA has launched an advocacy campaign to encourage all children’s advocates to engage candidates, register voters, and learn other ways to be informed and active participants in the elections. As in years past we will provide information on candidate’s positions and statements in regards to child welfare issues, and useful state specific information and links to web sites for registering voters and other pertinent facts and data on the elections.

CWLA will be offering the presidential candidates both an opportunity and a challenge to speak out on behalf of our nation’s most at-risk children. We will be asking them to respond to the pressing issues facing the child welfare system and the children and families we serve. Additionally, we will be reviewing all of the candidates’ platforms, speeches, and statements to gather information on where they stand on child abuse, foster care, prevention, adoptions, youth at risk, home visiting and child well-being. By law, CWLA does not support any one candidate, but will provide information and encourage participation on a non-partisan basis. Stay tuned as the CWLA elections engagement campaign develops, and join us in urging all the candidates to support policies that protect and support vulnerable children and families this election year.

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