Happy 2nd Anniversary Affordable Care Act

Today marks the second anniversary of the historic passage and signing of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). As a result of the more immediately effective provisions, more young people are now covered. Thanks to the authorization of the first ever funding stream for home visiting programs, more families have access to family preservation services.  In addition, fewer children than ever are uninsured, as a result of protections provided under the ACA. As the more expansive provisions become effective over the next two years, the ACA will ensure access to millions more. The largest impact is expected after 2014, when Medicaid is expanded to address the lack of access and coverage for more vulnerable children and families, who currently don’t meet the income threshold.

Since the law’s enactment, states have partnered with the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), to implement various provisions in the law. However, not all states have been as enthusiastic about the implementation as others, choosing instead to sue HHS over the constitutionality of the law. In fact, next week the Supreme Court will hear oral arguments from March 26-28, on three key aspects of the Affordable Care Act including the individual mandate and the expansion of Medicaid. ACA supporters and opponents have planned rallies outside the Supreme Court for each day that the Court is hearing arguments.

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