Congressional Caucus on Social Work Focuses on Child Welfare

Yesterday the Congressional Caucus on Social Work held a forum in New York City. The forum examined innovative approaches to support and strengthen the child welfare workforce. Representative Ed Towns (D-NY) hosted the event which was sponsored by Casey Family Programs. The focus of the forum was presentations on successful strategies being implemented throughout the city to advance the workforce and improve outcomes for children and families. Barry Chaffkin, CEO, Fostering Change for Children, described the Children Corps program. Children’s Corps is building a highly skilled workforce and reducing turnover through targeted outreach, selective recruitment, rigorous pre-service training, and ongoing professional development and support.

Susan Morley is Special Advisor for Investigations, NYC Administration for Children’s Services. Her initiative focuses on supporting workers who often are in dangerous situations. Morley is developing protocols to give workers access to background check information including domestic violence and criminal background information. Erika Tullberg, Director of the Administration for Children’s Services Children’s Trauma Institute, gave a presentation on their work identifying and addressing the trauma workers experience.

Rep. Towns highlighted the Dorothy Height – Whitney Young Social Work Reinvestment Act (H.R. 1106) which he introduced last year. This bill establishes a commission to provide recommendations to Congress on policy issues associated with the recruitment for, and retention, research, and reinvestment in, the profession of social work.

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