CWLA Joins New Adoption Advocacy Collaboration

CWLA has joined the Adoption Tax Credit Working Group, a national collaboration of organizations and individuals promoting adoption by advocating for the adoption tax credit. This single issue group is focused on the credit, because it is an important resource for helping children find forever families and make adoption affordable for all.

This new collaboration is joining together around four principles for reauthorizing a strong adoption tax credit.

  1. It should be inclusive of all forms of adoptions, including adoptions from foster care, inter-country adoptions, and private domestic adoptions.
  2. It should also be a permanent part of the tax code.
  3. It should be refundable so that low-income families can benefit.
  4. Finally, the credit should be “flat” for special needs adoptions, so that families adopting children with special are not required to document adoption expenses, recognizing expenses that occur over time.

Recently, Representative Bruce Bradley of Iowa introduced legislation extending the tax credit which fulfills each of these principles. Anyone can support the effort by “liking” the coalitions’ Facebook page, which is promoting awareness and building support for the tax credit.

What do you think?

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