Once Again House Passes Legislation to Repeal the ACA

Yesterday, the House voted for the second time this session to repeal the entire Affordable Care Act (ACA) by a vote of 244-185, with five Democrats voting in favor of repeal. Although the Supreme Court issued its ruling last month finding that the Affordable Care Act constitutional, House leadership decided once again to hold a vote on a bill repealing the Affordable Care Act. The vote was largely symbolic, as  Senate leadership has expressed little interest in bringing such a bill before the Senate, and President Obama would certainly veto any legislation seeking to repeal what is perhaps his most significant achievement.

This vote for repeal, while not a real threat to the ACA, would have had particularly damaging consequences for children with pre-existing conditions as well as former foster youth who have a lot to gain from the Medicaid expansion. Furthermore, while it is likely that Republicans have little chance of actually repealing the ACA, there is the possibility of imposing significant cuts to funding for the new law. In fact, Republicans have proposed numerous cuts to ACA funding, in addition to attempts to defund the law in its entirety.

As previously reported and documented in statements to Congress and the Administration, CWLA remains opposed to any attempts to repeal, defund, or otherwise undermine the authority of the ACA, thereby jeopardizing access to quality healthcare for vulnerable children and families.

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