Sequestration Kicks In Today

Congress has adjourned for the week without finding agreement to stop the budget cuts due to sequestration. The deadline is today and the President met with Congressional leaders at the White House for one last attempt to reach agreement before the  deadline, but it was not successful. Yesterday the Senate considered two plans to replace the sequester. A Democratic proposal, S. 388, that would raise taxes on households earning more than $5 million a year won 51 votes but failed to garner the 60 votes needed to avoid a GOP filibuster. A Republican alternative, S. 16, that would give the President greater  authority for deciding what to cut was rejected 62 to 38. The House has made no recent attempt to stop the sequester after adopting two proposals last year to shift the spending cuts from the military to domestic programs.

CWLA has developed detailed charts breaking down the state by state financial impacts the cuts will have on child welfare programs as well as a listing of other information and resources. We will continue to follow developments closely, engage in efforts to replace the cuts, and provide analysis and information as they develop.

What do you think?

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