Symposium Addresses Domestic Child Sex Trafficking

The Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health is hosting a symposium this week to address the needs of victims of child sex trafficking in the U.S. The symposium is part of a White House initiative, first announced by President Obama at the 2012 Clinton Global Initiative, to bring together leading researchers, bipartisan policy makers and advocates to identify gaps in research, best practices, and evidence to improve the lives of sexually exploited children.

The symposium will address how mental health research, law enforcement, survivor advocacy, disruptive technology, epidemiology, criminal justice, and public policy can all inform the treatment of victims of domestic sex trafficking. Much of the discussion will focus on using the power of technology to address these needs including equipping law enforcement with the technology and information needed to help rescue girls and put traffickers behind bars, reach out to girls where they are, online and on their mobile phones, to link them with critical services in their communities, and fostering information-sharing among academia, law enforcement and the private sector.

What do you think?

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