More CFSR Information and Resources

The Children’s Bureau has posted more information on the upcoming round of Child and Family Services Reviews (CFSR). The CFSR guidance includes:

  • Statewide Assessment Instrument (pdf): an instrument with four sections, designed to enable states to gather and document information that is critical to analyzing their capacity and performance during the statewide assessment phase of the CFSR process.
  • Stakeholder Interview Guide (pdf): an instrument used to conduct local and state-level interviews during the onsite component of the CFSRs. It identifies questions that may be asked during stakeholder interviews across seven systemic factor sections.
  • Guidance on Potential Data and Information That Can Be Used To Assess Systemic Factor Functioning (pdf): a document that provides guidance and examples to assist states in providing relevant data to evaluate systemic factor functioning pursuant to the CFSP and CFSR statewide assessment.

The Children’s Bureau has also released a proposed plan to replace the statewide data indicators and the methods for calculating associated national standards on those indicators. Statewide data indicators are used to inform the Children’s Bureau’s determination of a state’s substantial conformity relative to certain safety and permanency outcomes. On Monday, April 28, the Children’s Bureau will host a related online briefing, “Sustaining the Momentum: Next Round of the CFSRs – Child and Family Services Reviews Statewide Data Indicators and National Standards.” It is intended to provide another avenue for understanding the plan for using the indicators. Registration for the briefing is limited.

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